Installment payments

Installment Payments

All installments become due on the 15th day of each month in the original amount and as such they are completely free of interest. Your monthly credit card bill shows the amount of the due installment, and the description field defines which installment this is.

  • The first installment becomes fully due on the date of the following monthly statement
  • Every next installment shall become completely due on the date of each following monthly statement for the number of months equal to the number of the agreed monthly installments and are completely free of interest.

American Express Card payment in installments – an example:


Amount in RSD

1. Purchase (revolving credit)


2. Purchase in 3 installments


3. Installment amount (30.000/3)


Minimum amount for repayment defined in the statement:

5% on Item 1 + the entire installment defined in Item 3


Total :


A due installment can be settled completely and entirely (through Banca Intesa Online or at the Bank's desk) or just the minimum repayment amount (defined in the credit card bill).

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