American Express® Blue card with an Intesa Hit Current Account

American Express Blue
card with an Intesa Hit
Current Account

Step into the future.

Step into the Future with the American Express Blue card with Intesa Hit Current Account!
Step into the future with the American Express Blue card with Intesa Hit Current Account!
With an Intesa Hit Current Account, you could get an American Express Blue card without paying an annual membership fee. Different, recognizable, attractively designed! Simply – a card that can’t compare!
The blue, modern, transparent plastic card could be used in 200 countries worldwide, at millions of points of sale and ATMs, as well as in more than 2200 American Express travel agencies worldwide.
You could apply for it in more than 220 branch offices of Banca Intesa in Serbia, all you have to do is show your identity card.
Enjoy the incomparable advantages of this card!


  • No membership fee with Intesa Hit current account
  • Deferred payment of up to 45 days without interest
  • Flexible repayment
  • Payment in installments without interest

Revolving loan

With American Express Blue card with Intesa Hit current account you can pay for goods in services in installments or withdraw cash in the country and abroad. This card represents a universal loan, consumer and cash loan. It functions in accordance with principle of revolving loan, which implies that you repay minimum 5% of the total amount spent in the previous period, whereas interest shall be calculated on the remaining amount. The minimum of 5 % is calculated for purchase transactions at points of sale and cash withdrawal on ATM machines, whereas membership fee, interest, other fees, installments, as well as the fee for cash withdrawal on ATM machines are fully calculated on monthly invoice. Fixed interest rate in the amount of 18,43% annually (effective annual interest rate of 18,51%) is calculated on the amount of debt in RSD, and fixed interest rate in the amount of 12,60% annually (effective annual interest rate of 12,67%) is calculated on the amount of debt in EUR. Interest is calculated by applying the compound method. Spending in the country is calculated in RSD, and spending abroad is calculated in EUR. Deadline for settlement of minimum monthly liability is the 15th day in a month. You can settle your liabilities through Banca Intesa Online Service, Intesa Mobi Service, standing order, payment at Banca Intesa branch office or branch offices of other banks and post office. If you want, you can pay an amount that is higher than the amount of minimum monthly liability or settle the debt in full.

Example of calculation of minimum monthly liability:

TransactionAmount in RSD
1. Purchase through POS terminal10.000,00
2. ATM cash withdrawal5.000,00
3. Purchase in installments (6,000 in 3 installments)2.000,00
4. Fee for cash withdrawal150,00
5. Interest300,00
Total liability17.450,00
Monthly liability (5% on items 1+2)+3+4+53.200,00

Payment in 3-12 equal monthly installments interest-free

From now, you can use your American Express card to pay in installments at over 2,500 points of sale around the country.
Look for the sticker “Payment in installments with Banca Intesa cards“ displayed at points of sale and negotiate with the seller the number of installments which, depending on the trade and amount of transaction, can be between 3 and 12.
The first installment falls due for payment in full amount immediately with the subsequent monthly account statement and is fully interest free. All subsequent installments shall fall due in full amount through account statement, the number of months depends on the number of installments and, we will be notifying you on the number of remaining installments through monthly statements until the final repayment.
More detailed information on points of sale where you can pay in installments with your American Express card can be found at:, section Retail, Payment Cards, Payment in Installments.


Discover the world of benefits, discounts and allowances selected for you by American Express. Selects Program can be used around the world on several thousand points of sale: in restaurants, hotels, spa centers, rent-a-car agencies and tourist agencies.
Detailed list of global offers can be found at:

A representative example

Loan typeRevolving credit card – American Express Blue within current account package
Loan currencyEUR
Criteria for indexingIn RSD equivalent value at middle exchange rate of the NBS
Loan amount3.200 EUR
Deposit /
Repayment period 36 months
Amount of first installment* 17.919,66 RSD

if the entire limit was spent in RSD

160.00 EUR
if the entire limit was spent in EUR

Interest rate
• 18,43% for spending in RSD, fixed
• 12,60% for spending in EUR, fixed
Effective annual interest rate • 18,51%* for spending in RSD
• 12,67%* for spending in EUR

*Except in the case of significant changes when the dinar exchange rate may be lower

Costs payable by the user, are known at the moment of announcement and are included in calculation of effective interest rate
1 promissory note

Credit Bureau expenses

50 RSD

246 RSD

(*) the amount of every subsequent installment is 5 % of the remaining debt, whereby interest, fees and transactions in installments fall due in full amount.

Other calculations with this product can be taken over at any branch office of the Bank.

This service enables you to do any of the following 24 hours a day through the Banca Intesa online system:

  • Follow the turnover and the available funds on your credit card,
  • See your yet-undue liabilities,
  • Check the general data on the card,
  • Pay monthly card-related bills without going to the bank,
  • Take over a review of your spending in the previous month,
  • Print out your monthly statement

Application Requirements